We are a Portuguese company, based in Lisbon and founded in 2000, that has always worked to fulfil the needs of our clients. We provide a comprehensive range of services, from location scouting to post-production, from crew hiring to equipment rental. We trust our carefully selected suppliers as much as we want you to trust us. Give us a call, we would be more than happy to welcome you to one of the world’s best kept secrets.

Welcome to Portugal!


We help you to achieve your goals! No matter what you want to do, our aim is to provide the right tools so you can do your job. We are here to assist you in all ways possible so that you can focus on what you do best – Filming!


We have a large range of services available to you and will provide you with options so that you can achieve your objectives.

Location Scouting

Urban Modern / Roads / Beach and Coast Line / Industrial / Interior Classic / Interior Modern / Nature / Sports / Urban Classic / Modern Villas Exterior / Classic Villas Interior / Historical Places / Tradition & Rustic / Studios / Mountains / Industrial / Ruins


We take care of all your needs for travel arrangements! From accommodation, catering and transportation, to any requests on hand.

Crew Hiring

If you are short of people we solve the problem. Let’s find out what you need and we will provide it. Portugal is known for its talented and hard-working people.


Portugal has a diversified population with many communities. From snow-white Caucasians to the coolest Afros. You have an idea, we find the right one.

Production Coordination

Need a hand on the team! We organize your production. We live in Portugal but we work like a Swiss clock.


We know the law, we know the needs. Choose your location and let us deal with the bureaucracy.


Treating you, your guests and your actors with the best hospitality is our commitment. Experience the genuine warmth of the Portuguese way of life.

Props & Sets

If you need props for your set or actors, we deliver. Need a special set to wrap up your idea, we can do it.


There’s always a lot to pack! Leave your special needs to us. We can find what you need.

Styling - Wardrobe - Makeup

From state of the art fashion, historical themes to the wildest creativity we can help you find the right fit and appropriate makeup.


Whether you want to take a break or speed up your film results we take care of post-production.


We work with a variety of certified companies that will meet all your needs.


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Why Portugal

There are many reasons to visit us! Portugal is one of the world’s most desirable places to visit, highlighted in travel guides across the world and the perfect spot to work in the filming industry.


This is a film-budget friendly country. The cost of living in Portugal is way under Europe’s average. Accommodation, meals and labour are excellent quality at affordable prices.


We have 300 sunny days per year and one of the most filming lighting over the entire year with 4500 hours of sunshine per year.


Ranging from ancient to modern.


Diversity from untouched forests and wild landscapes to desert beaches and rocky coast-lines.


We have an amazing poll of qualified and experienced people to work in all areas.


Available range of specialized equipment such as helicopter rigs, film cranes, stabilized heads, low loaders, gyro stabilized, drones, tracking and satellite vehicles and many others.


It’s hard to believe that such a small country has so many different landscapes and contrasts to offer.

Easy Access

With flights from all major world capitals, Portugal is very accessible. The roads system is very modern with highways from north to south, east to west.


There is a fusion of cultures in Portugal that provides many casting options.


We are known for having qualified working people, delivering world class professionalism and technical knowledge.


Portugal leads the world ranking of internet access and powerful technological networks that enable easy distance work.


Because we are here to assist you in everything you need!

1 Sunny Days in a year
1 Average Daylight Hours per day
1 Average Daylight Hours per Year
1 Average Maximum Temperature

Why Us

We could always reply – why not? But let us try to explain with the best arguments.
We are settled in Portugal and we know this country from top to bottom. We know its historic monuments, the amazing beaches, the coolest places and many kept secrets.
We are aware of the legislation and we know the companies in the market that can meet your requirements. We can find the right location, the right crew, the right inspiration. We work 24/7 in all details so that your focus can go entirely towards fulfilling your idea.
We have several years of experience in delivering a full range of products and services with efficient, creative and innovative solutions.
We provide state-of-art professionalism at a fraction of the cost you’ll spend in other countries. We have fast responses at every production level, production friendly procedures adapted to each client and rigorous financial controls and reports.
We are very flexible, problem-solving driven, adaptive and eager to build a trustworthy partnership.
We understand you, your job, your ideas, who your work needs to be done and the requirements to implement it.
We have the best smile.
We are happy people.

What are you waiting for?
Give us a call or send us an e-mail.